About Us

If you search a crypter fud, you found it here. It is on the market since 2015, we know how to make a fud crypter.
Stub is coded in C and size is around 100kb. Obviously the size changes each update.

No dependencies

The outputs are completely native and with zero dependancies.
The builder needs Frameworks 4 to run, but it won't affect the stub.


Static Crypt's outputs works from Windows XP untill Windows 10.
It works with almost all softwares such: Imminent Monitor 5, Netwire...


Static Crypt is one of the oldest crypter on the market. Many people purchased it since years and gave a positive feedback after using.
Buy a package now and test it by yourself.

Up to date

Our fud crypter is daily updated after the very first detection. You can crypt fud as much as possible.

Fud startup

Our startup isn't detected by any antivirus to make sure your file won't be deleted at the reboot.


We used the cleverest way to code the features, and the refud system.

crypter 100% fud

This is crypter is fud, and bypass antivirus at their runtime as it does.

cheap & stable

Static Crypt is a cheap crypter for a such service. The starter package is 30USD for 31 days license. You can buy a lifetime for 300USD.

4 years running

Static Crypt is available for sales since January 2015, and a of people approuved it.


Buy the best FUD crypter online.

Contact & Discord

e-mail: frenchcrypter@gmail.com,
Jabber: frenchcrypter@xmpp.jp